Friday, March 23, 2012

DSORe eNews Changes Venue ...

Click to read current eNewsletter S712
This week we make a change here on DSO Radio @ We are changing the format of this blog.

We will no longer post the eNewsletter for Dan's Radio show here. Instead, we will now post a graphic (seen right) with a link to the eNewsletter online.  Additionally, we will include a more in-depth coverage on an interesting topic found-in or related-to the current weeks Radio eNewsletter.

 With this new venue, we hope to build a broader audience enjoying Dan's unique view-point on Wisconsin's great outdoors.

Thank you for reading. Please pass the link to this page and Dan's other online locations (found on the Landing Page ).  As always we truly appreciate your feedback. Let us know how you like the over web presence, this blog, the eNewsletter, the Outdoors Radio show and more. We look forward to providing you more information, good tips, interesting read and up-to-the-moment news of Wisconsin's Great Outdoors.
 - Ed.