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Do you want to see any changes in Wisconsin’s turkey season structure?
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Changes in WI Turkey Season structure ... ???
Meetings offer opportunity to be active participant in wild turkey management
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MADISON – State wildlife officials say that the time has come to revise the Wisconsin Wild Turkey Management Plan and they are urging hunters to consider attending one of 11 public input meetings in April and May.
Since wild turkeys were re-introduced into Wisconsin in the 1970s, their population has flourished, according to Scott Walter, upland wildlife ecologist for the Department of Natural Resources.
“Turkeys can now be found throughout the state, and feedback from hunters, landowners, and others has prompted us to take a fresh look at the statewide Wild Turkey Management Plan, last revised in 1996,” Walter said. “The chance to hear the ideas, concerns, and opinions of the public will be crucial to this process.”
The public input meetings are intended to both share information on wild turkey management and gather information from hunters, landowners, and others about the turkey population where they live, hunt, or farm. Meetings should last no longer than two hours, and are open to the public – no registration required. Meeting attendees will be able to view a presentation giving the historical background of the existing Wild Turkey Management Plan and explaining current revision efforts. There will be opportunities during the presentation for attendees to ask questions and discuss turkey management issues.
“Anyone interested in the opportunity to discuss local turkey management issues, hunting seasons, and any other wild turkey topic is encouraged to attend,” Walter said.
Attendees also will be able to fill out a survey in person. Anyone who is unable to attend a meeting can view the same presentation and fill out the same survey online at their convenience starting on April 19. To learn more about participating in this effort go to and search for “turkey meetings.”
For more information contact:
  • Scott Walter - (608) 267-7861
  • Krista McGinley - (608) 261-8458

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