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Does the Spring Hearings vote on the crossbow issue clarify state sportsmen’s stand on this issue?
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Are the results clear on Crossbow use in Wisconsin ... ???

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The Question: "Does the Spring Hearings vote on the crossbow issue clarify state sportsmen’s stand on this issue?"

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Spring hearings attendees reject two crossbow-related questions

Crossbow proponents have lobbied strongly for the expansion of crossbow hunting opportunities, including staffing an informational booth at the recent Deer & Turkey Expo. At the same time, crossbow opponents have voiced strong opposition to allowing all hunters to use crossbows during the archery season. Some, however, have supported a separate crossbow season and license.
The Natural Resources Board offered two advisory questions in this year’s Spring Hearings. The introduction to Questions 66 and 67 read:
Crossbow use is currently allowed for anyone during firearm seasons for most species including deer. The use of crossbows for hunting deer outside the firearm deer seasons is limited to persons with certain disabled permits and persons over the age of 65. There has been considerable interest to expand deer hunting opportunity with crossbows outside the firearm deer seasons.
Attendees at the Wisconsin DNR Spring Fish & Wildlife Hearings rejected both proposals, one by a close vote and the other by a wide margin.
  • Proposal No. 1 would make crossbows legal for anyone to use during the archery/crossbow season, with no additional license purchase required. This proposal was narrowly rejected by a vote of 2277 for and 2479 against. It was approved in 43 counties and rejected in 28, with one county registering a tie vote.
  • Proposal No. 2 would create a separate crossbow season and license. The season would start at the same time as the archery season and run for four weeks. A separate crossbow license would be required, but hunters would be allowed to take only one buck with archery or crossbow equipment. This proposal was rejected by a statewide vote of 1263 for and 3395 against. Only two counties approved the proposal, while 70 rejected it.
Nearly half of those voting this week are ready to accord crossbows equal status with other archery equipment in the regular archery season. On the other hand, nearly three quarters of those voting stand opposed to a separate crossbow season.
Do these results send a clear signal to lawmakers and the Natural Resources Board?
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